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viper - Viper virtual machine

viper <file_path> options

The path of the executable to be invoked.

The options to use when executing the program

The viper tool will launch a Viper program. Running viper will create a
new instance of the Viper virtual machine and will load any dependences
needed for the program.

Viper will begin execution starting at the first instruction present in
the program unless told otherwise using the --invoke option.


-gex or --gex
Executes a program that has been compiled into a GEX4 executable. GEX4
executables allow viper to dynamically link programs with other
libraries and contain extra information about the program.

-h --help or ?
Displays a help page

-org or --org
Tells viper were to load the program in virtual memory

-invoke or --invoke
Tells viper what function to begin execution at (requires --gex option)

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